Last Minute Revision

If all your friends have been revising for weeks, have got the revision guides and are appearing to partially hibernate yet you can barely remember when your exams are, you may very well be in need of these last minute revision tips.

  1. Firstly it's important to remember that you may be leaving your revision a little later than many people but all the same revision rules apply so check out our Effective Revision and Revision Tips

  2. Don't try to make up for lost time by abusing caffeine products and revising late at night when you should be asleep. You may feel like you are getting a lot done at the time but the quality of it will soon become apparent.

  3. Buddy up! Why not gather a group of trusted friends and assign certain topics to each friend. Each friend then has to present the key facts and insights on that topic to others in the group which should lead on to opportunities for further discussion and to explain any difficulties that may arise in each topic.

  4. Get up early and get the majority of your revision done before the evening. This means you won't worry about what you haven't done and leaves the evening free to go out with friends or just chill out in front of the TV.

  5. Don't get distracted. Yes that means no facebook, no twitter, no email, no iphone (unless you are using a revision App) and no texting (unless you are on a break)!

  6. Don't try to learn completely new stuff instead consolidate on what you already know. Revision should be about reminding yourself about what you have already learnt.

  7. Try out a variety of revision resources. Make your own notes or use free online notes - see our subject pages for more details where you can also get free practice papers and podcasts. With the ever increasing popularity of the iphone there are numerous revision iphone apps available. Worth checking out if you are an iphone addict.

  8. Get a good revision guide. By this I mean get one that is going to suit your needs and is appropriate to your stage of revision. You can search for the ideal revision guide by subject, exam board and level and find reviews and previews of each book.

  9. If after searching you are still feeling lost, for GCSEs I highly recommend the standard CGP revision guides which are laid out in a very approachable note like format with their now infamous bad jokes which should lighten the mood of any panic stricken user!

Typical sample page

Another great set of GCSE revision guides for last minute revision are the Letts GCSE in A week series; the ultimate quick revision tool designed to get the best possible results in a short time frame. The books break down all subjects into a strict one week time table which can be ticked off when completed.

Typical sample page

For A level last minute revision ideally you want to cram as much detailed information in on one page that you can without jeopardising your ability to memorise that information. Ideal for this situation are the Oxford revision guides AS and A level through diagrams series. These guides keep words to an absolute minimum as topics are covered on one page with annotated diagrams and concise notes with a full index for easy reference.